Research and Development

Research and Development is the cornerstone upon which RTICL has been built. As a Research and Development company the main thrust of operations is the further enhancement of the Recoilless Technology that will clearly show the adaptability of the technology from the smallest calibre weapons to the largest calibre weapons.

Already prototypes have been successfully developed and tested from .22 inch calibre to 7.62 mm calibre to confirm the scalability of the Recoilless Technology. Various methods and components are continually being tested for the control and total elimination of recoil forces. In fact RTICL has been successful in achieving negative recoil results.

The next phase of development in RTICL’s Research and Development program will be, in partnership with various Governments’ defence industries and manufacturers, the development of fully functional Concept Technology Demonstrators (CTD’s) across a broad range of calibres and platforms prior to the commercialisation process.

Through investments and Government grants RTICL has been able to continue the Research and Developments efforts and as greater financial resources become available, the pace at which the technology is developed can be rapidly increased.

Progression in Development of the Prototypes