About the Company

RTI was incorporated as a private company on 23 March 2000 and converted to a public unlisted company on 27 June 2003. RTI has approximately 600 Shareholders and the majority of which are small investors.

RTI’s Strategy

RTI’s strategy is to commercialise the Recoilless Technology through licensing and establishing relationships with selected manufacturers within various industries and markets. RTI currently does not intend to manufacture products but if the situation arises where manufacturing is required, this will be on a limited scale.

The Value of RTI

RTI’s real strength is the potential to continue to develop the Recoilless Technology now and in the future, based on the
fundamental concepts of recoil reduction, elimination and total control. Initially RTI’s objective is to commercialise the
Recoilless Technology worldwide by licensing it to Australia and selected allied Governments, reputable arms developers, manufacturers and other industry partners. This is where the ultimate value of RTI lies.


Corporate Structure

RTI is currently administered by a three member Board consisting of:

- Mr Richard Giza – Chairman, Managing Director and Chief Technology Architect

- Mr Joseph Vella – Executive Director and Chief Technology Trustee